Getting personal – the benefits of targeted marketing

Of the many ways to reach your customers and directly market your business, print based mailing should not be underestimated. According to the Royal Mail – 92% of print based targeted mail is opened and 48% of UK adults have responded with an enquiry as a result of direct mail.

With the advance of the digital print process it is now easy to produce full colour direct mail fully personalised – direct to your customer. You can go far beyond a simple overprinted name and address: the personalisation can be integrated directly into the design. The variable data can be used to uniquely change the text and the graphical elements of each piece of mail. Personalisation benefits your marketing campaign because it allows you to engage your customers directly in a way that a ‘cold’ unaddressed door drop would not.

Making sure that the campaign is targeted to the right audience is necessary in order to maximise response rates. The quality of the data is also key to the success of any campaign: a clean database is essential. We have all at some time received wrongly addressed and incorrectly named marketing. This along with duplicated deliveries can be detrimental in any campaign.

Print it can help you to devise your campaign, design the artwork, and using our digital presses produce the final mailing. We can even fulfil the deployment of the campaign with our mailing service.

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